ImageJ FX aspire to propose as much UI features as the old ImageJ. These features can be divided in different categories each one containing it own Roadmap.

Overall project

Date Task Description
November 27th Publishing ImageJ FX on Githup Right now, the code is still in refactoring and names are changing all the time. When final names for each part of the software seems to correspond to their function and description. The code will be published on Github
December ImageJ FX Promotion towards developers ImageJ FX will be published on the ImageJ Developer forum in order to get developer attention and help in order to help solving issues.

Visualization mode (ImageJ)

Date Feature Task yet to accomplish
Unknown Favorite Panel Panel/Bar containing a list of favorite plugins.
Unknown Histogram Panel Panel containing an histogram of the current image.
Unknown Plot Profile Panel Panel containing a graph representing the plot profile of each image. The panel should appear when a line or more are traced on a image and refresh when changing the image.

Batch Processing

Right now, Batch processing only works on plane coming from the database. A new mode should allow batch processing of image file coming from a folder.

Date Feature Task yet to accomplish
January File Batch Processing Panel Designing and implementing a panel that allow batch processing of files
February BatchBox It's a box where user can drop images to be used as input on several images. For instance : correcting several images using a reference (Flatfield correction, bead deconvolution).

Personal database

Date Feature Task yet to accomplish
December Batch processing When batch processing planes from the database, they are only saved as new in a directory. The entries in the database should also be updated or new entries in the database should be added.
January Plane edition When editing a reconstructed image from the database from the Visualization mode, the image is now only saved as new image, outside of the database. The database entries should be updated to reflect the changes while saving the planes in a new file somewhere in the project folder.
Unknown Traceability Every modification in the database should be traced and accessible to users


The Toolbar is located on the right in Visualization more. The current tools are not fully functionnal

Date Feature Task yet to accomplish
Unknown Polygon selection The closing method when tracing the polygon should be clearer
Unknown Rectangle selection The Rectangle should be resizable

Image Correction

ImageJ FX should at some point host a new mode which is the correction mode that should ease scientific image correction by providing dedicated plugins and operations, and UI Panels.

Super Resolution

ImageJ FX should at some point host a new mode which is the Super resolution mode that should handling of super resolution image and reconstruction by providing dedicated plugins and operations, and UI Panels.

© 2015 Cyril MONGIS

ImageJFX is an open source software and interface based on ImageJ. ImageJFX was developed by Cyril MONGIS in the KnopLab, group lead by Michael Knop, at the Molecular Biology Institute of Heidelberg University (ZMBH), Germany.


ImageJ is being developed at the National Institutes of Health by an employee of the Federal Government in the course of his official duties. Pursuant to Title 17, Section 105 of the United States Code, this software is not subject to copyright protection and is in the public domain. ImageJ is an experimental system. NIH assumes no responsibility whatsoever for its use by other parties, and makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, about its quality, reliability, or any other characteristic.